Southern Shaolin
Five Animals

Kung Fu & Qi Gong
Lund, Sweden

We practice martial arts according to the family system of our Grand Master Tran Loi Minh, which is called 'South Shaolin Five Forms Combat'. This is a complete and traditional south Chinese martial arts system with roots in Shaolin and it encompasses Qi Gong, Kung Fu, Lion Dance, Sanshou and Tai Chi. Our goal is to develop our body and mind, and we strive for constant improvement and personal development.

Welcome to us and our way of life.

Start of Spring 2023

The semester starts on Monday the 9:th of January!
We welcome both existing and new members (beginners).

No need for registration before first training, just come and try out!

Kung Fu

The Kung Fu system that we practise is called Five Forms, a traditional south Shaolin system. The Five Forms training includes hand techniques (animals, Lohan, drunken, etc), approximately 70 official weapons, chinna (a form of grappling), sanda (boxing), and traditional fighting. Qi Gong, Lion dance, Tai Chi and Sanshou complements the Kung Fu training as well as do strength, flexibility, hardening and mental training.

We practise Kung Fu to challenge and improve ourselves physically and mentally, and to have great fun in the process of doing so!

You must be at least 15 years of age to train with us but otherwise it does not matter if you are 15 or 55, the training is diverse enough to offer challenges and advantages for each age, gender, and physique. Beginners are accepted at the start of each new term. Please see schedule below. You are very welcome to come train with us a couple of times to try out how Five Forms suits you.

Youth Group

Unfortunately, we cannot offer a youth class this semester. It is unknown when, and if, the youth training will start again.

Qi Gong

Our Qi Gong style is based on the Taoist principles, and our overreaching goal is to find balance and harmony - in our lives and with ourselves.

To achieve this we strive to understand and learn more about ourselves, our body and our mind. The difference compared to Kung Fu is that we work from the inside out - our focus is on Inner Training.

Tai Chi (Taiji)

We train Tai Chi as a martial art but also for health. It is a way to train coordination, balance and breathing in combination with QiGong principles.

There are forms and there are sparring. All in a way that everyone can benefit from.

Schedule & Location

2020 we moved to the newly built gym hall at Lerbäcksskolan. It's actually so brand new so you still can only see a field of gravel on Google maps, but we can assure you that you cannot miss it!

We are using "lilla salen", which is the furthest from the entrence, and have been assigned the locker rooms closest to the entrence. Logical, huh? Should you arrive late, there is an intercom; buzz for "lilla salen".

Mon19:00-21:00Kung Fu - All ranks
Thu19:00-21:00Kung Fu - All ranks
Qi Gong
Sun17:00-19:00Qi Gong


Class is held the the gymnastic hall ("lilla salen") in the new gym building called Lerbäckshallen, short walk to the north of the central train station.

Click the map to explore the area in Google Maps.

Fees & Payment

Adults and students

The term fee is 1250 SEK for adults and a reduced 1050 SEK for students of Kung Fu. Instructors pay half fee. There are two terms per year.

Payment and terms

You are allowed to train three times without paying any fee. Thereafter, you register with your your instructor, and once you are registered, you pay your via your bank to PlusGiro 343792-8 as per below.

Please provide the following information in the payment:
  • Name (the name of the trainee, not the payer.
  • Reason for payment. (Ie Membership fee, class and year)
So your payment information will read something like this: "John Doe, Membership fee, youth, Autumn 2018".

Pay with Swish

You can of course also pay with SWISH! The number is 123 029 68 14.
Please do include your details as per above.


If you like a receipt for your fee, please send a mail with your name, swedish personal number (personnummer), dicipline (Kung Fu or Qi Gong), for what term, and the amount payed. You'll have the receipt from your instructor in a fortnight.

About Us

Our club

T.I.A Lund is one of many clubs that together form the Swedish branch of Tran Loi Minh International Qi Gong and Kung Fu Association. T.I.A teaches the traditional south Shaolin system Five Forms under the supervision of our grand master Dai Si Tran Loi Minh who lives in Paris.

Five Forms encompasses traditional Kung Fu, Qi Gong, Lion Dance and Tai Chi. TIA Sweden also teaches Sanshou, chinese competition kick boxing.

TIA Lund has taught the Five Forms Kung Fu system since 1999. Our style, Nam Siu Lam Ng Jing Kyun in chinese, has its roots in southern China and the Shaolin temple traditions.

TIA Lund is a community where the Kung Fu way of life is the mortar that keep us together. We share a passion for training and learning, and challenging and developing ourselves as we dig deeper into the ancient traditions of our style.

Since the start, we have had the opportunity to study and train within a traditional style of Kung Fu that allows us to grow and develop ourselves, our bodies and our minds, using open hand techniques as well as different kind of weapon techniques. We use combat as yet another way to challenge ourselves, and to gain a deeper knowledge of the traditions and techniques.

In 2012 the Qi Gong section opened, which allowed us to work deeper into the Chinese traditions of Taoism, the energetic aspects, and the perspective of Yin and Yang, while striving for harmony and balance from within.

We strive continuously to achieve perfection, working from outside and within. We challenge ourselves to grow and improve as we live the life of a Kung Fu practioner.

Every journey starts with the first step, so no matter where you are in life, you are always able to learn, grow and challenge yourself.

Welcome to us, and to our Way of Life!

Examination system

The club uses the a graduation system based on our style, Nam Siu Lam Ng Jing Kyun. This system also applies to all T.I.A clubs in Sweden.


We found this article, written after a T.I.A summer camp in 2007.

Code of conduct

Order and discipline are important factors in all our forms of training. Not only to create good results in our training, but also to create a safe and comfortable environment for learning.

New - Contact Info

Feel free to contact us through this email address if you have any questions.

A good way to get more information is also to check out our Facebook Page(see below)

Social Media

Information about our club events, events shared with other clubs in our association and general social stuff happens in our Facebook group. Please consider joining the group to keep up to date.